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Crosspoint Solutions

NOTICE: Crosspoint Solutions, a subsidiary of Cummins Crosspoint LLC, will discontinue production of the ClimaCab 3.0 battery-powered APU effective May 15, 2015. Orders for remaining product inventory will be accepted through June 15, 2015.

For warranty and service support, you can continue to contact Customer Support at 1-877-826-9399.

Thank you for your understanding, and we thank you for your purchase and use of the ClimaCab 3.0 system.


Reduce fuel costs & engine wear.
Our battery-powered ClimaCab APU delivers cab comfort with no idling, saving you fuel, engine hours, AND it eliminates jump starts.

ClimaCab savings

The savings really add up!
Check out exactly where your savings will come from with the ClimaCab APU. Use the ClimaCab savings calculator to help estimate your payback!


Looking for a Dealer in your area?
Our dealer locating tool helps locate a dealer in your area.  The ClimaCab network of dealers is growing fast, so check back soon!


ClimaCab Driver Instructions
Drivers get an overview and learn the quick tips for operating the ClimaCab APU. Instructions include a 3 minute video!

Go to the SmartWay Transportation PartnershipThe EPA has evaluated idle reduction technologies as part of grants, cooperative agreements, emissions testing, engineering analyses, modeling, demonstration projects and external peer reviewed reports to study the effects of idling on air quality, fuel consumption and driver health. Based on this evaluation and research, EPA has determined that a variety of idle reduction technologies save fuel and reduce emissions when compared to idling the main engine. ClimaCab has been evaluated by the EPA and is SmartWay verified.